Best security practices should begin at home, as there is valuable personal data at risk. As article notes, almost half of all users surveyed don’t use password protection on mobile devices and valuable data & services are at risk if stolen.  Likewise in corporate environment, even greater levels of safety are needed

QUOTE: What sort of personal data is stored on your laptop or mobile device? And just what do you do to secure that device? The encryption experts at WinMagic contracted with Harris Interactive to ask over 2,000 Americans those questions. The results may surprise you; if you’re an IT administrator, the results may horrify you. I met with WinMagic COO Mark Hickman and WinMagic Senior Director of Product Marketing Darren Leroux at the RSA Conference to discuss what they learned.

No Password? Big Problem –  “We commissioned the survey and got the results,” said Leroux. “There were just two questions: What kind of info is on your laptop? And what do you do to secure it? 71 percent responded that they secure their devices with antivirus and firewall. Only about 14 percent actually encrypt the device.” He went on to note that only 56 percent of respondents said that they password-protect their devices. “Think what they do on those devices,” said Leroux, “and imagine the damage a thief could do!”