Windows 8 was found to be effective with URL smart screen filtering during recent NSS testing

QUOTE: Microsoft Security Essentials was included in the test, but Abrams pointed out that Microsoft wants this product treated as a baseline. “If people are going to pay for a third-party product,” he said, “it had better outperform the baseline. Microsoft doesn’t want a monoculture; that doesn’t protect their brand. Even so, if people have no other antivirus MSE helps.”

One cool thing in Windows 8, they built the Smart Screen Filter right into the operating system,” he said. “Even if your browser is terrible at detecting bad URLs, it still works. They pulled it out of Internet Explorer, they’re not saying that you must use IE for protection. We had to turn it off for testing! It was too effective, 98 to 100 percent accurate. Dennis Batchelder and Joe Blackbird at Microsoft said we should leave it on, but we couldn’t do that and still test the antivirus.”