While this threat is about a year old, it is circulating more actively than ever in 2014.  Many of these calls orginate outside the USA.  In just helping a friend today, many links are noted below including capturing the actual conversation via YouTube.

Microsoft does not actively contact individual users to tell them their computer is infected with malware.  The scam usually asks folks to open their event viewer which captures numerous warning or diagnostic messages that are normal.  The event viewer is is not a malware diagnostic tool as purported.  However, it could frighten folks into letting scammers access their system or take remote control of it.

It is important to not let these scammers take control of your PC as they use this fear tactic to actually plant backdoors and malware onto the system.  And also never give them payments or credit card information, as the true purpose of scam is to use fear tactics to ultimately steal money or information from their victims.

These scam related calls are well documented as follows








QUOTE: “Hello, sir. I am calling from Windows support.”  “I’m calling on behalf of Microsoft’s Certified Technician Team,” said 8:53 a.m. July 3. So did 11:46 a.m. the same day. But 8:58 p.m. May 15 called from “the technical services department of Windows.” And the first one, six weeks earlier at 6:02 p.m. May 14, declared, “I am with the Windows Service Center, and I am calling about your computer.”  Then began the support. “You are getting errors on your computer and I’m calling to help.” What errors?, I’d often ask. “I won’t know until you go to our website and download our diagnostic tool.” Download. Unknown. Software …. Sure.