A new RFT exploit has surfaced and is circulating in the wild on limited and targeted attack basis.  Users should be careful with any WORD document they may receive unexpectedly (even from trusted sources). As the “Rich Text Format” can be saved with RTF, DOC, and DOCX extensions, any word document may be potentially infected.




QUOTE: Microsoft has warned its Word software is vulnerable to a newly discovered dangerous bug – which is being exploited right now in “limited, targeted attacks” in the wild. There is no patch available at this time. The flaw is triggered by opening a maliciously crafted RTF document in the Microsoft Office word processor, or opening it via Outlook, and allows the attacker to execute arbitrary code on the machine. The hole was disclosed by Microsoft on Monday outside the monthly Patch Tuesday cycle. Opening a poisoned Rich Text File (RTF) document allows the attacker to hijack the PC with the same privileges as the logged-in user.