Several additional links shared by a friend and documenting historically that Microsoft is not monitoring your PC and will not fix it as the scammers claim during these random phone calls to scare individuals into action.

RECENT ASSISTANCE TO FRIEND:  A friend reccently called me in panic regarding this scam actively circulating … While it’s an older and popular attack, it has been “kicked up a notch” and is actively circulating far more actively today than 2013.  By using the social engineering tactic of “fear”, they are asking users to launch the Windows Event Viewer to show them “how many malware errors their system is registering”.  Thankfully, my friend did not give them control, credit card info, etc., but reached out to me immediately instead.  She was highly concerned because the perpetrators were so convincing. The most important aspect to note is that Microsoft does not call users in this manner. With some phone automation techniques, there is increased activity on this scam in the wild.


HISTORICAL INFORMATION on this fake telephone scam

Security Awareness Newsletter (July 2012; PDF available in 13 language)

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