A new variant of the 419 scam uses both monetary amounts and Free World Cup 2014 finals tickets to lure individuals in revealing bank account and other sensitive information.  These spammed emails should be deleted.


QUOTE; From the spam traps: a World Cup 2014 419 missive, with a wonderfully enlightening subject line: “gkxzhlfgjs‏”.  This is, of course, complete nonsense and if you see one of these in your Inbox feel free to send it straight to the trash. You won’t receive free tickets, or a cash prize or anything else for that matter – all they want is the money in your bank account and they’ll spin out any set of lies required to get their hands on it.  It reads:

Dear Email User, We wish to inform you that your email address was generated during the announcement of the Brazil 2014 world cup kick-off days and time for the world cup finals in Brazil and won GBP 3000.000.00,Three Million Pounds CASH plus 2 tickets to watch the opening match to take place in Sao Paulo on June 12 2014 at 5pm local time and the final, on July 13 2014, at the iconic Maracana stadium (in Rio de Janeiro), at 4pm local time. The notification was send to you because your email address is active online and your reference number is Brazil912/2014. this was in conjunction with the South African LOC Team (Local Organizing Committee) FIFA2010 and Brazilian LOC (Local Organizing Committee) Team FIFA2014.