AOL has shared that email credentials have been discovered for at least 2% of it’s accounts by hackers and recommends all users change passwords immediately

QUOTE:  Last week, AOL confirmed that an unknown number of AOL Mail accounts have been hacked. Today, the company urged all its customers to change passwords and security questions, as it determined that information for at least two percent of all its accounts had been compromised. That’s an impact of half a million users.  Attackers breached AOL’s systems and gained access to e-mail addresses, encrypted passwords, answers to security questions, and other contact information (including postal mailing addresses). While the mailboxes themselves were not compromised, the attackers used the contact information in a barrage of “spoofed” e-mails from those addresses—messages sent from outside AOL’s network with forged “from” address headers. Those e-mails are part of a large-scale phishing operation containing malicious Web links.