Facebook has partnered with Storyful’s News Verification service to stop Fake news from circulating in scams, pranks, or malware attacks



QUOTE: Luckily, Storyful has developed a news verification technology and process that can distinguish between real and fake news. It digs to identify the original source of the news, and then reviews the content and collects evidence to determine its trustworthy. Factors it looks at include:

* Are the source’s accounts registered near where the news occured? * How long have the accounts existed? * Does WHOIS information on affiliated websites match the sources name? * Does their social graph indicate the source had access to the news? * Do the source’s other online presences contain clues that support the content’s authenticity? * Has the source scraped or falsified content in the past, or been citable by reputable outlets? * Can the content’s location be verified through landmarks, or topographical details, and does it match maps of the area? * Do weather and lighting conditions match where and when the content was supposedly produced? * Can the source be reached directly for confirmation?