Tuning Facebook security and privacy settings offer improved protection.  Another new technique was shared by Facecrooks security team recently.



QUOTE: As you may have noticed, your Facebook News Feed recently began auto-playing videos. This can be annoying on a PC and downright harmful on your mobile device, as it can eat up your data or drain your device’s battery. However, you can disable the auto-play feature on PC and Android devices and save yourself the hassle.  To disable auto-play videos on your mobile device, you’ll need to access the Facebook application ‘Settings.’ (The image below shows the settings on a Samsung Galaxy S4.) From here, check the box under “General Settings” for “Auto-play videos on Wi-Fi only.” The box is unchecked by default, which means videos will continue auto-playing on your Android device until you tell it not to. Unfortunately, you can’t completely turn off the feature on a mobile device, but you can save yourself some precious data.