Several links below document a new tool AVAST new ransomware removal tool:

QUOTE: Simplelocker is a new ransomware program that encrypts your personal files and demands payment for the files’ decryption keys. There is an additional threat that the decryption keys will be deleted if the user doesn’t pay up. Fortunately, antivirus companies are starting to create software to combat Simplelocker.  The developers behind Avast’s Ransomware Removal app say it can not only remove the ransomware Trojan, but also unlock the encrypted files. However, this brings up the issue of actually installing the app on the mobile device, since Simplelocker uses a pop-over notification to prevent user access.

AVAST told Security Watch that Simplelocker victims should begin by visiting the Google Play website via their computer. They should use the same Google Play login from their mobile device on the site and search for the Avast Ransomware Removal app. Once they click install, the app will be automatically installed on their mobile device, followed by an announcement in the notification bar. Just follow the instructions in the notification and uninstall the app when you’re done.