Mozilla Firefox 30 provides security and feature enhancements

QUOTE: In contrast to the fanfare associated with Firefox 29 and its new interface, Firefox 30 delivers security fixes and incremental feature updates.  Not all browser releases are full of exciting, new features users will immediately notice. The Mozilla Firefox 30 browser does not include major new features, yet it does provide users with security fixes and some incremental updates.   Released June 10, Firefox 30 improves on the Firefox 29 browser, which debuted April 29 with the biggest user interface update for the open-source browser in years.  On the user interface side, the Firefox 30.0 release notes indicate that the sidebars button in the browser now enables faster access to social, bookmark and history sidebars. Additionally, with Firefox 30.0, Mozilla is now providing users with support for the GStreamer 1.0 framework for multimedia streaming.  Firefox 30.0 includes seven security advisories attached to the open-source browser release.