Users must safely navigate social networks where sensitive information may be exchanged:

QUOTE: The past year has seen a number of security horror stories. Now the big question is, who or what will be targeted next? Social risk management company ZeroFox argues that social media platforms are going to be compromised next. In a recent infographic, the company reveals that cyber-criminals are using popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, to launch targeted malware and phishing campaigns.

Crooks rely on bot armies to successfully carry out their campaigns, whether it’s malware or phishing. Bots are molded to look like trustworthy social media profiles; they usually have relevant popular content and post viral videos and articles that can reach many users. Two different types of bots exist: a bot account and a “sock puppet”. A bot account is created and operated remotely through software. A “sock puppet” is a fake account operated by a person pretending to be someone he or she isn’t.

After the bot army is made, the cybercriminal will decide on a target. Attacks could be focused against specific organizations, an organization’s customers, or against the general public via trendjacking, a PR tactic that subverts trending topics to highlight different messages. Once a method of attack is chosen, criminals connect their bots to targeted victims by filling their bots’ profiles with funny images or attention-grabbing content