As shared below, 419 scams are improving as these social engineering experts improve on their technology techniques.

QUOTE: Nigerian criminals are infamous for running easily-spotted “419” phishing scams that bait individuals into giving up credit card details or other personal information. But over the past few years, these criminals have expanded their skills to target businesses with many of the same tools used by more sophisticated criminal and espionage groups — tools that are specifically designed to evade traditional antivirus programs and legacy firewalls. 419 Evolution, the new report from Unit 42, explains in detail:

* The evolution of these actors from low-level spammers to a growing threat to businesses that have not previously been their primary targets

* The tools they use, including commercial RATs such as NetWire that provide complete control over infected systems

* How to safeguard your business by decrypting and decoding command-and-control traffic to reveal potentially stolen data