A security model that centers around the embedding security within the data itself, rather than today’s focus on users, devices or operating systems might emerge in future.


But there was little debate Thursday morning in Boston at a panel discussion among Dell security experts, partners, analysts and customers that the

    digital equivalent of GMO protection embedded in data will be more than just a good thing – it will be mandatory to sustain any credible level of security into the future.

And while it is notoriously difficult to predict just about anything in IT, the panelists agreed with Don Ferguson, Dell senior fellow, vice president and CTO of the Dell Software Group, that a security model for applications that, “has not changed in decades doesn’t sustain us.”

That model, which, “relies on the program to identify the person and what is the operation,” is now obsolete, he said. “Data are everywhere, on the device, in the cloud, moving around. You can’t find all the places that are moving it around, so data need to be self-protecting. And existing apps are not coded that way.” Changing that model, said Patrick Sweeney, executive director at Dell SonicWALL, would, “solve the BYOD problem.”