The John Maxwell Leadership blog shares ideas related to preperation of questions when interviewing business professionals

QUOTE: Larry King, who has made his living speaking to people as a television talk show host, believes that asking questions is the secret of good conversation. He says, I’m curious about everything, and if I’m at a cocktail party, I often ask my favorite question: “Why?” If a man tells me he and his family are moving to another city: “Why?A woman is changing jobs: “Why?” Someone roots for the Mets: “Why?”

The meetings I look forward to most are the learning lunches I schedule every month with people who can teach me. When we meet, I come armed with questions. Many are specific to the individuals I’m meeting with. But there are some questions I try to ask everyone. You may want to use them too:

1. What is the greatest lesson you have learned? By asking this question I seek their wisdom.
2. What are you learning now? This question allows me to benefit from their passion.
3. How has failure shaped your life? This question gives insight into their attitude.
4. Who do you know whom I should know? This allows me to engage with their network.
5. What have you read that I should read? This question directs my personal growth.
6. What have you done that I should do? This helps me seek new experiences.
7. How can I add value to you? This shows my gratitude and desire to add value to them.