From the excellent Leadership blog by John Maxwell, the key question of “What Do You Think?” is examined

QUOTE:  The simple act of asking the right questions of the right people can provide crucial information, offer clarity and help you make better decisions. That process begins with the questions you ask yourself. It continues with the questions you ask others. When you ask the right questions of people on your team, it not only gives the above benefits, it can also improve your connection with them and demonstrate your openness and teachability.

In my upcoming book, Good Leaders Ask Great Questions, I share the eleven questions that I continually ask members of my team. Today, I’ll talk about the question that I ask my most often: “What do you think?” These words come out of my mouth a dozen or more times every day.

1. Gathering Information – want good information from multiple sources and perspectives
2. Confirming My Intuition – what can you do to validate your belief?
3. Assessing Someone’s Judgment or Leadership – fastest way to assess people’s thinking and observation abilities
4. Teaching How I Think – Why is a great tool for connecting and equipping.
5. Processing a Decision – Sometimes people need a number of different perspectives in order to discover the best choice