An informative article regarding Windows 8.1 Credential Manager from Tech Republic


Whenever you respond to a prompt that essentially asks if you want Windows or Internet Explorer to remember your password, the operating system will then store your user credentials in an encrypted file scheme known as the Windows Vault. Having your credentials stored in this vault allows you to be able to automatically log on to a server/site without first being prompted to provide a username and password. For example, the vault can store credentials and then use them to automatically log you into online services such as Hotmail and OneDrive, Microsoft Office services such as Outlook Web Access for Exchange Server, plus Windows servers and Remote Desktop connections.

The GUI front end for this vault is called Credential Manager, and it’s designed to allow you to easily view and manage your network-based logon credentials (i.e., usernames and passwords). In this article, I’ll introduce you to the Windows 8.1’s Credential Manager and explain how it works.