John Maxwell’s leadership blog shares excellent advice regarding the need to ask meaningful questions and seek the best solutions during project research phases.

QUOTE:   I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” – Albert Einstein

Curiosity = Asking … You only get answers to the questions you ask. There is a yawning chasm separating the person who neither formulates interesting questions nor asks for help and the person who poses profound questions to others and solicits their advice. People who fail to ask questions live in a mental fog. Trapped in the limitations of their own perspective, they have difficulty seeing their present situation clearly or discerning the best path forward. Conversely, people who seek ideas and input from others strengthen their decision-making, work smarter, see their surroundings with sharper clarity.

Immature leaders try to accomplish everything alone. They lean on their own understanding, and when it runs out, they fall flat on their faces. As leaders mature, they learn the value of putting together a team of people to help them think more intelligently.