AV-Test researched Antivirus Products in protecting the base product.  ESET was a strong finisher in the results.



AV-Test researchers gathered 24 consumer-side security products and eight products geared toward business. For each product, they performed a simple census. They enumerated every executable file, dynamic link library, driver, and .sys file associated with the application and noted whether each module implemented DEP, ASLR, or both. They evaluated 32-bit and 64-bit products separately.

As I mentioned, the results covered a wide range. ESET was the only consumer product with 100 percent coverage; Symantec was the only business product at that level. Avira, G Data, McAfee and AVG completely protect their 64-bit products with DEP and ASLR. However, coverage in their 32-bit editions ranged from 90 to not-quite-100 percent