Details of Facebook’s forthcoming PRIVACY terms of service starting in 2015:


Facebook has announced a set of new privacy focused terms of service, which aims to let users of the social network ‘control their information’, according to The Independent.

The changes, which will be live as of 1 January 2015, introduce ‘Privacy Basics’, a tool that shows users who can see any information they share on the site, from links to photos tagged in. It will also include simple instructions on privacy issues, like removing your name from a photograph you’ve been tagged in.

Lifehacker claims that Privacy Basics will be broken up into three main categories: ‘What Others See About You’, ‘How Others Interact With You’ and ‘What You See.’ The update won’t be changing any settings on people’s accounts, rather choosing to inform users of how they can control the their data, should they wish.

The update will also give people more control over the types of advertising they’re served, allowing you to opt out of advert types across all devices, rather than just the desktop site, reports Business Insider. Additionally, the new policies give a bit more detail on how mobile data such as battery, signal strength and location are used by the company to serve ‘relevant adverts’.