Trend Labs shares two excellent resources for 2014 e-commerce safety during the forthcoming holiday shopping season

QUOTE:   Every year during Thanksgiving, people look forward to filling their bellies with wonderful supper, dessert, and the warm company of family and friends. It’s also the time of year when people start combing the Internet for early Black Friday and Cyber Monday bargains. Like eager shoppers, cybercriminals are also preparing to pounce on users who could fall into social engineering lures via spam mail, phishing, click fraud, and other malicious offers.

If you are one of the millions of consumers who plan to shop from your mobile device this Cyber Monday, know that the combination of online shopping, mobile devices, and the holiday season makes for a tasty cocktail that’s rife with cybercriminal action.   One risky tap can cost a lot for mobile device users. “As of October, we reached a total of almost 11 million unique apps in our sample collection, 3.8 million of which we detect as Android threats,” says a recent Trend Micro mobile report. Nearly a third or 29% of all apps checked by a mobile app reputation software displayed malicious routines. These routines include spying, stealing data, and even subscribing phones to premium services.