PC Magazine offers excellent advice and safely tips for the coming year: 



Before looking at my 2015 resolutions, I took a look at the list from 2014 to figure out how well I stuck to my goals. For my password I security, I resolved to use strong and complex passwords for everything, to adopt two-factor authentication where available, and to turn on protective features for mobile devices and networking gear. For networking security, I promised to download and install updates when they are ready and to run security software and tools. For my data security, I decided to encrypt my data while in transit as well as on my hard drive, and to back up data files regularly. And finally, I pledged to be careful about what kind of information I post online on social media platforms and what I save on cloud services.

I know where I have to improve, but I also have some promises for 2015. First of all, I will delete software and apps I am not using. There is no need to keep software on my machine which are outdated or vulnerable. This ties into my second goal—to audit myself so that I know what I have. Experts regularly advise businesses to make sure they know what machines are on the network, what kind of software is on each one, and to understand who has access to them. Why shouldn’t I do the same for my personal devices?