Kim Komando highlights an IRS security alert related to scams and malware attacks circulating during the tax filing season ahead. Please keep in mind that the IRS will not contact individuals by email or phone in an unexpected manner.


There’s an important warning out today about a scary income tax return scam that could cost you big. And the clock is ticking in a race with hackers and identity thieves to file your legitimate tax return before the crooks file bogus returns with your personal information. But this year, the Internal Revenue Service is offering a new layer of protection that might help you avoid this tax return nightmare. Follow along and I’ll explain.

In its simplest form, this scam happens when an identity thief files a false income tax return using your name and ID. But nearly everything about the return is bogus including a huge refund due to the scammer. Problem is, all that fraudulent information gets added to your account. And that is just the beginning of your nightmare. Usually the IRS quickly processes the return and sends the refund to the bank account shown on the return. If that account just happens to be a pre-paid debit card, the receiver is untraceable and that leaves you holding the bag.