John Maxwell offers an excellent resource for leaders and managers.  In planning for 2015 projects, it is beneficial to evaluate both successes and failures during the past year

QUOTE:  STUDY YOUR WINS AND LOSSES – First, I pull out my calendar and make a list of significant events, tasks, meetings, decisions, and accomplishments. I spend time reflecting, in order to remember and write down every experience that stood out in the past year. I write down both positive and negative experiences, because I know that I learn more from losing than from winning.


What did I do that I shouldn’t have done?
What did I spend a lot of time on?
Was it a priority?
Was it in my strength zone?
Was it something only I could do, or should I have delegated it?
What will I do differently this year?

What didn’t I do that I should have done?
What’s missing from the calendar?
What did I neglect that I should have been a priority?
What action didn’t I take, that really should have been done?
What will I do differently this year?

What is the most important thing I did this year to help someone else?
Can I do it again next year (for them or another person)?
Did I do it as effectively as possible?
How could I do it better in the future?

What did I do this year that helped me grow more than anything else?
Is it repeatable?
Do I want to make it a regular habit?
How can I break it down into manageable “chunks” to make it happen again this year?
What else can I do to grow?

Where do I need to be more intentional?
Where did I let things happen to me, instead of making them happen?
What bad habits do I need to break?
In what areas do I need to focus more attention, make important decisions, and take steps in a positive direction?

How can I take things to the next level?
How can I take a good experience and make it somehow better?
How can I grow more this year?
How can I make something that was satisfying even more satisfying?
How can I top last year’s accomplishments?
How can I exceed my own expectations, as well as the expectations of others?