John Maxwell shares more informative leadership guidance as noted below

1. Stand on the lessons of history — Norman Cousins writes, “History is a vast early warning system.” Over the centuries of human history, much has been recorded of the successes and failures of others. When we choose to study history, we tap into their lessons and have the opportunity to avoid some of their mistakes.

2. Stand on the lessons of others — Throughout my life, starting when I was a very young man, I’ve made it a practice to spend time with people ahead of me on the journey. Observe and ask questions of people you respect, and you’ll gain incredible lessons that you can apply to your own life.

3. Stand on the lessons of experience — When you learn from others first, you gain skills in evaluating experience in order to grow. I’ve often said that experience is not the best teacher; evaluated experience is. Use what you learn from others’ experience to evaluate your own, and you’ll go farther, faster, than you would have otherwise.