Originally Google Plus was seen as a competitor with Facebook.  While that did not fully materialize, it will remain a “shared interest” resource among Google users.  This article shares some of the changes ahead for this social networking resource  


It’s no secret that Google+ didn’t quite work out the way Google envisioned and now, after already moving Google Photos out of the service, it’s starting to decouple Google+ profiles from its regular Google accounts.  The idea behind Google+ profiles was to give users a single identity across all the company’s platforms. Users didn’t like this and as Google VP of Streams, Photos and Sharing Bradley Horowitz acknowledge today, the company is starting to wean itself off from Google+.

The first service that will be decoupled from Google+ is YouTube, which introduced Google+ comments back in 2013 in an effort to reduce trolling in its comments section. YouTube users were not amused. In a few months from now, you won’t need a Google+ account to share YouTube videos, comment or do anything else on the site, really. Users who have linked their Google+ accounts to YouTube will also be able to remove their Google+ profiles from the service in the near future.

Horowitz also today announced that the company will continue to move some features out of Google+. The focus of Google+ — which still isn’t quite dead — will be on “becoming a place where people engage around their shared interests, with the content and people who inspire them.” That means Google will focus on features like Google+ Collections and move location-sharing to tools like Hangouts, where they, according to Horowitz, really belong.