John Maxwell’s leadership blog offers excellent advice on successful team building for new projects:

Here are the dimensions of depth that every team leader needs to focus on to have a winning season:

1. Relationships — Team members who like each other are more likely to work together and help each other when the game is on the line.

2. Diversity — In organizational teams, you need diversity in skills, experience, background, and education.

3. Servanthood — It’s a humble attitude that isn’t self-seeking. It’s a commitment to serving others first. To develop depth in this area, bring in and train team members who are focused on a win for the entire team, not just themselves or their area.

4. Skills — Can your team members do their jobs with excellence? Do they have the skill sets necessary to create a win? Everyone on the team needs to produce at a high level of quality; otherwise, the weakest link will pull everyone down.

5. Leadership — Developing leadership depth means encouraging and allowing leaders to emerge and contribute at every level. In this area, leadership means taking ownership and stepping up to influence others toward the win.

6. Growth Depth — Bring in people with a capacity for growth. So make sure you’re coaching your people and encouraging them to grow.