PC Magazine shares that Federal Transportation Department is implementing new Drone registration requirements to promote safety


The Transportation Department next week will reportedly announce that those purchasing a drone will be required to register it with the agency.  According to NBC News, the DOT will reveal details on Monday. Drone makers will have to work with the agency on how best to register their devices, with an eye on getting it done by year’s end.  The report did not mention if this would be limited to drones of a particular size. But NBC pointed to recent incidents in which drones interfered with firefighting efforts out west and a flight taking off from JFK Airport in New York.

The news comes as U.K. police are dealing with a “significant increase” in drone-related incidents, according to The Guardian. Data provided to the newspaper through a Freedom of Information request shows a major uptick in “the number of cases where members of the public have reported nuisance drone flying to their local force.” The U.K.’s Metropolitan Police Service, for instance, logged 21 such incidents this year, up from just one in 2014, while Thames Valley Police have already recorded 80 incidents in 2015, up from 20 last year.