The Royal Bank of Scotland plans to roll out the “AT WORK”¬†business version of Facebook to all 100,000 of its staff by the end of next year.

RBS has announced a ground-breaking partnership with Facebook that will bring the social networking service to employees across the bank. Facebook At Work, a business version of Facebook, will be available to 100,000 staff across the bank to encourage collaboration and allow employees to communicate faster and more efficiently.  As well as using it on their desktop computers, employees will also be able to download it to their phones and tablets so that they can keep track of work when they are on the move.

Facebook At Work will look and feel similar to the Facebook that people use every day and employees will be able to use all of the same features, allowing them to post photos, create groups and events, update their work profiles, and send private messages to colleagues.

RBS has already piloted Facebook At Work and quickly found that staff were able to work much more efficiently together, answer customer questions faster, update other colleagues on their work in a much more engaging way and source a far wider range of ideas for on-going projects. Given how many people already use Facebook in their every day lives, it was picked up quickly by those on the pilot, with minimal training needed.