Former FBI chief Leo Taddeo affirms the continuing trend that major cyberattacks are expected to continue increasing in months ahead.

NEWS ANALYSIS: Leo Taddeo reports that cyber-criminals and hackers are getting more sophisticated and now have access to far better tools than before. Hackers at all levels have new capabilities at their disposal, said Leo Taddeo, former special agent in charge of the Special Operations/Cyber Division of the FBI’s New York Field Office. Taddeo is now the chief security officer at Cryptzone, which is entering the U.S. market after years of successful growth in Europe. “Unfortunately,” he said, “there’s no improvement in our ability to deter that capability.”

But the problem goes far beyond just nation-states hacking for military and commercial intelligence. “At the low end are the script kiddies, the hobby hackers,” he said. Those are people who break into networks for recreation, or perhaps bragging rights, but are now getting much better tools to help them do it.
In the middle are the cyber-criminals who are hacking for money, and who are now getting their hands on information and software from nation-states, and are learning how to use it.