This Best Practices article from eWeek offers some excellent personal safety tips for home and corporate users

Enterprises cannot get enough good advice for securing their IT systems, data centers, email accounts, mobile devices and so on. There are so many people offering advice, for one thing. This eWEEK slide show contains some basic, but sometimes overlooked, industry advice from five professionals who know their business. Their suggestions range from checking URLs, to verifying senders, to keeping your browser and operating system up-to-date.

(1) Always Validate that a URL Matches the Site You Want to Visit
(2) Check to See That a Real Person Actually Sent You an Offer
(3) Beware of Scams
(4) Don’t Expose Credit Card Info
(5) Don’t Conduct Transactions Originating From Inbound Email
(6) Install Ad-Blocking Extensions
(7) Exclusively Use Credit Cards Online
(8) Keep Your Browser and Operating System Up-to-Date
(9) Monitor Your Financial Account