Facebook will be changing it’s name verification procedures, especially in cases where users have filed fake name reports to ask for more information.  This is intended to lead to less account lockouts where individuals might be unfairly attacked by others.


Facebook wants to make it easier for users to verify that they are using their “real” names. The social networking company will begin testing these improvements starting in December.

In a published letter obtained by BuzzFeed, Facebook’s vice president of growth, Alex Schultz, acknowledged that the current policy doesn’t work for everyone, and that many have complained to Facebook that the process of verifying their name is too difficult.

The EFF letter states that the signatories represent transgender and gender variant individuals, those who use pseudonyms to protect themselves from violence, people who have already been silenced by Facebook’s current policy, and those whose legal names “don’t fit the arbitrary standards of ‘real names’ developed by Facebook.”

Schultz responded to some of these points in his letter by saying that Facebook doesn’t require people to use their legal names, just “the name that other people know them by.” To simplify the verification process, the company is testing a new way to let people provide information about the circumstances surrounding their choice of name.  Additionally, users could soon see a new version of Facebook’s profile reporting process that’ll ask for more information about why someone is requesting action be taken on an account.