John Maxwell’s leadership blog shares the need for IT and business leaders to move beyond just survival mode on the job.

Most people settle into one of three areas: survival, success, or significance. If you’re like many people, you may be struggling just to keep your head above water. You’re in survival mode. Whether because of circumstances, setbacks, or poor choices, you have to put a tremendous amount of effort into just making it day to day.

If you’re working hard to make life better for yourself and your family, then I applaud you. Will you try to make a difference by helping others get ahead?  At this point, most people fresh out of survival mode believe they should focus on success before tapping into significance.

Many people tie their significance to social position, their title, their net worth or bank balance, the car they drive, their prestigious address, the man or woman on their arm, or some other status symbol. Their mentality is, “If I do enough and have enough, even if I am self-centered, it will bring fulfillment.” The problem is that self-centeredness and fulfillment cannot peacefully co-exist.

Instead, they need to shift to significance by putting other people first. Until that change occurs, happiness, fulfillment, and significance will always be out of their reach. That doesn’t mean success is bad. The reality is that many people must achieve a certain amount of success before they’re ready for significance. They need to have found themselves, achieved something, and made themselves valuable before they have something to give to others.