NMAP is popular open source network Penetration Testing tool suite which was just updated and released.  Below are a summary of key improvements found in version 7:

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Hi folks!  After 3.5 years of work by more than 100 contributors and 3,200 code commits since Nmap 6, we’re delighted to announce Nmap 7! Compared to Nmap 6, we now have 171 new NSE scripts, mature IPv6 support for everything from host discovery to port scanning to OS detection, better infrastructure, significant performance improvements, and a lot more!

Here are the top 7 improvements in Nmap 7:

1. Major Nmap Scripting Engine (NSE) Expansion – As the Nmap core has matured, more and more new functionality is developed as part of our NSE subsystem instead. In fact, we’ve added 171 new scripts and 20 libraries since Nmap 6.

2. Mature IPv6 support – IPv6 scanning improvements were a big item in the Nmap 6 release, but Nmap 7 outdoes them all with full IPv6 support for CIDR-style address ranges, Idle Scan, parallel reverse-DNS, and more NSE script coverage.

3. Infrastructure Upgrades – We may be an 18-year-old project, but that doesn’t mean we’ll stick with old, crumbling infrastructure! The Nmap Project continues to adopt the latest technologies to enhance the development process and serve a growing user base. For example, we converted all of Nmap.Org to SSL to reduce the risk of trojan binaries and reduce snooping in general.

4. Faster Scans – Nmap has continually pushed the speed boundaries of synchronous network scanning for 18 years, and this release is no exception. New Nsock engines give a performance boost to Windows and BSD systems, target reordering prevents a nasty edge case on multihomed systems, and NSE tweaks lead to much faster -sV scans.

5. SSL/TLS scanning solution of choice – Transport Layer Security (TLS) and its predecessor, SSL, are the security underpinning of the web, so when big vulnerabilities like Heartbleed, POODLE, and FREAK come calling, Nmap answers with vulnerability detection NSE scripts.

6. Ncat Enhanced – We are excited and proud to announce that Ncat has been adopted by the Red Hat/Fedora family of distributions as the default package to provide the “netcat” and “nc” commands! This cooperation has resulted in a lot of squashed bugs and enhanced compatibility with Netcat’s options.

7. Extreme Portability – Nmap is proudly cross-platform and runs on all sorts of esoteric and archaic systems. But our binary distributions have to be kept up-to-date with the latest popular operating systems. Nmap 7 runs cleanly on Windows 10 all the way back to Windows Vista. By popular request, we even built it to run on Windows XP, though we suggest those users upgrade their systems.