Network World shares a few early cybersecurity predictions for 2016

So, with some hesitance, here are a few of the things I expect to see after the proverbial ball drops (in no particular order):

1. Greater focus on cyber supply chain security — Enterprise CISOs realize that strong cybersecurity extends beyond the corporate LAN and that cyberattacks and data breaches could easily start with third parties with access to the network.  I expect CISOs to extend efforts with IT and third-party risk management assessments and controls.

2. The consumerization of authentication — Everyone knows that user name/password authentication is inadequate, but few organizations have the resources to deploy and operate multi-factor authentication technologies everywhere. Look for mobile and social login to gain a bigger foothold in 2016.

3. Cyber insurance continues to boom — The U.S. market for cyber insurance is around $2.5 billion serviced by around 50 companies. Year-over-year growth was estimated at 35% in 2015, and I believe it could grow at 40% next year as large organizations seek to transfer more of their IT risk to third parties. L

4. A rise in ransomware — In 2015, ransomware became a service offering available for a fee on cybercrime chat forums. At the same time, exploit kits like Angler were offered to more ambitious hackers, alongside Cryptowall and Cryptolocker. Ransomware was typically used for petty crime against small businesses and government agencies, but 2016 could include a frightening escalation, enterprise ransomware.