John Maxwell shares excellent leadership and team building advice as follows:

I shared some specific ways to make sure you’re adding value to others every day. And I think they’ll be helpful to you as you go through your daily life. If you do so between now and Christmas, you can establish a habit that continues into the new year.  You can add value every day if you will:

1. Value People — A life of significance cannot be achieved if you think of other people as obstacles that must be overcome. This means valuing everyone – not just those close to us. We need to intentionally value others and express that value to them.

2. Think of Ways to Add Value to People — People who live intentionally think on the front end about ways to add value.

3. Look for Ways to Add Value to People — In addition to thinking ahead about ways to add value, people who live with intentionality are also on constant lookout for spontaneous ways to help others. They have an outward focus as they go through their lives, ready to do something that makes someone’s day.

4. Do Things That Add Value to People — As my mentor John Wooden often said, “Don’t tell me what you’re going to do—show me.” It’s great to think ahead and look around for ways to add value to others, but nothing beats actually doing something for another person.

5. Encourage Others to Add Value to People — Significance begins with you, but it’s meant to be shared. As you develop the daily habit of adding value to others, begin encouraging people close to you to do the same. You can begin a significance movement right in your own home or office or community.