In tracking new HDTV technological developments, the advent of High Dynamic Range is likely to become one of the next major standards,2817,2496390,00.asp

The next big thing in display technology is HDR (High Dynamic Range). If you thought 3D TVs were a flop, this might be worse. Not because the technology is bad or sketchy, but because this is more confusing than anything we’ve seen.  HDR TV and its cousin, HDR movies, creates a genuine wide dynamic range or huge contrast ratio that show details in areas that would normally be obliterated by the inability for a moving image to capture these details. It requires expensive gear to capture and also to project (movies) or display (TV).

You’ll soon be enjoying some fantastic HDR films in the theaters, but if anyone cares enough to buy a high-end HDR TV set remains to be seen. The way I see it the HDR technologies—which should also incorporate wide color gamut (WCG), which adds more actual colors into the TV palette—will eventually be thrown in for free in five years or so.