John Maxwell is sharing a new weekly series during 2016 called the “Secrets for Success”.  The second week focuses on personal growth as a professional, which is important for all team leaders

You’d be surprised at how many people fail because they don’t make growth a priority in their minds and schedules. They have every intention of growing and want to grow, but they lack the ability to translate their intention into action. They need something to help them get growing.

For instance, if I want to continue to grow as a writer, I know I need to spend time each day reading, thinking, filing, asking questions, and—of course—writing! I could do all of those things each day without my Rule of 5, but I wouldn’t be nearly as intentional about it. One or more activities could easily fall through the cracks. It’s a simple system, but it helps me maintain my daily discipline of growing as an author.

To make growth a daily priority, make a Rule of 5 for personal growth. For example, if you want to get better at work, choose the five tasks, attitudes, or habits you need to emphasize each day to improve. It could look something like this:

1. Begin each day with the two most important tasks
2. Spend time connecting with my supervisor and doing more than expected
3. Return client emails in a timely fashion
4. Choose to be positive with co-workers
5. Leave my office tidy and ready for the next day