Virus Total has enhanced it services to now include Firmware based malware as noted below

Successful attacks against firmware are rare but provide hackers with one thing they covet most: persistence.  Advanced attack groups have already accelerated their capabilities in finding ways to burrow into the BIOS and EFI as noted by the Snowden leaks’ description of the NSA’s attempts to develop malware implants for the BIOS. Further, last year’s disclosure by Kaspersky Lab of the Equation Group’s espionage platform, and specifically a persistence module that targets the firmware of a number of leading hardware vendors, demonstrated how resourced attackers could gain undetectable and perpetual persistence on machines.

Virus Total said the new tool supports:

* Apple Mac BIOS detection and reporting.
* Strings-based brand heuristic detection, to identify target systems.
* Extraction of certificates both from the firmware image and from executable files contained in it.
* PCI class code enumeration, allowing device class identification.
* ACPI tables tags extraction.
* NVAR variable names enumeration.
* Option ROM extraction, entry point decompilation and PCI feature listing.
* Extraction of BIOS Portable Executables and identification of potential Windows Executables contained within the image.
* SMBIOS characteristics reporting.