This key product event started today and shares some of Microsoft’s key strategies for the coming year:

Microsoft just held an event in San Francisco — at the Moscone Centre, specifically — and used the time to talk about Windows, bots, Skype, Cortana, and lots more. Speakers included Satya Nadella, Terry Myerson, and Bryan Roper who wore his trademark fedora. The company also talked about Tay, the AI that went on a rampage, acknowledging that it failed Microsoft’s own standards for decency. “It’s not going to be about man vs. machine,” Nadella said. “It’s going to be about man with machine.”

Here were the biggest announcements.

1. Windows Ten has 270 million users
2. Bots are the future
3. Taking on the iPad Pro with Surface Pro
4. HoloLens is now shipping
5. Microsoft welcomes Xbox into the Windows family