Security expert, Graham Cluley shares detailed step-by-step instructions to enhance security during login to Twitter

If you have been following my recent “How to” series, you now know how to protect your Google account with two-step verification (2SV).   You might have even decided to set up 2SV with the Google authenticator app, which means you will now be able to receive verification codes for your Google account in the absence of internet access or mobile service.

Two-step verification might be less secure than two-factor authentication, but in adding an extra step to a login process, it does enhance your overall account security. That is true for each and every web account on which you activate 2SV, including your social media accounts.

Twitter calls its implementation of 2SV “Login Verification”.  In this guide, I will discuss how you can activate Login Verification on your Twitter account. My article will include steps for activating login verification via SMS text messaging and via Twitter’s mobile app for Android.