This USA Today article shares dangers of impersonation attacks actively circulating:

Last week a hairstylist in Los Angeles, took a break and (of course) checked his phone. He discovered a flood of messages, all from alarmed friends telling him the same thing: “You need to report this man in Greece. He’s pretending to be you.”

Roman quickly found the link on Facebook to report the impostor, and set the wheels in motion to shut down the fake account. He also asked his friends to follow the same steps, which many did. But Roman awoke to a surprise the next morning: the impostor had reported him as the fake, and the real Roman had been locked out of his own page.

Here’s how the message from Facebook began:“Your account has been disabled for pretending to be someone else, which goes against the Facebook Community Standards.” Roman had no access to his account for several days, telling me he couldn’t exchange messages with his 70-year-old mother in New Jersey and his “friends from all around the world, my whole family, my godson in Cuba, my goddaughter.”