But tonight (or very early tomorrow morning, depending on your time zone), jumping from Windows Old to Windows 10 will no longer be complimentary. Instead, the Home version will cost you $120, while Windows 10 Pro will set you back $200. Since free is generally preferable to not free, most people should take the jump. In case you still have questions, though, here are a few answers.

Can I Upgrade? – This is the big one. First of all, make sure you’re even eligible; the free upgrade offer applies to tablets and PCs running Windows 7 or newer

Should I Upgrade? — The short answer: Yes. The slightly longer answer: Definitely yes. It adds useful features like Cortana, Microsoft’s capable virtual assistant, Microsoft Edge, a new browser that puts anguished Internet Explorer memories far in the rear view, and smaller features that liven up the Windows experience.

When Exactly Is the Deadline? — Last call for free Windows 10 actually bleeds into the weekend here in the US; specifically, Saturday morning at 5:59am EDT/2:59am PDT. After that, you’ll have to bust out the credit card.

How Do I Upgrade? — First: Back up your system. It’s not mandatory, but it’s good upgrade hygiene. Next, head to this handy Windows 10 download page. Double-click the Windows 10 download client, click OK when it asks if you’ll allow it to make changes, and settle in while your PC guides you from there.