Microsoft’s new Xbox One “S” model debuts today as detailed in the review below:

Now that I’ve tested the system for a few days ahead of its August 2 launch in the US, I can safely level-up that compliment and confirm that it’s Microsoft’s best-looking console yet. The One S is exactly the kind of sleek consumer box that gets second glances and compliments while tucked beneath your TV screen of choice.

Every Xbox One S buyer will benefit from the system’s aesthetic changes immediately. But they may need to make a pretty big investment to get anything out of the system’s other big upgrade: compatibility with 4K and HDR-10 screens.

On the very front of the One S is a USB slot that used to be on an awkward side panel. Now you can finally stick an Xbox One directly into your entertainment center, as opposed to leaving a wedge of space open in case you need to connect a USB stick or a cord. The front of the system has also been updated with clickable buttons for both ejecting discs and powering the system on; this change is particularly welcome when you need to long-press the power button for, say, fully shutting the system down.