PC Magazine highlights 10 advanced and hidden usage tips for Windows 10 users as noted below:


Here we present a list of 10 cool tips that will help you get a little bit more out of your Windows 10 experience. Or, at least, there are some things you may have not known about. Some have been available in Windows for a number of generations, while some are native to Microsoft’s most recent OS.

PCMag has some dedicated Windows fans in our readership, so you likely know at least some of these features, but you probably don’t know them all. I tested these on a pair of Lenovo laptops, one running Windows 10 (non-Anniversary Update version) and the other (when accessible) on Windows 7 Professional.

1. Secret Start Menu
2. Secret Desktop Button
3. Rotate Your Screen via Keyboard Ctrl-Alt-D Arrows
4. Enable Slide to Shutdown
5. Enable ‘God Mode’ (power user mode)
6. Right-Click on Tiles
7. Right-Click on the Taskbar
8. Shake – which clears clutter in window displays
9. Drag to Pin Windows
10. Hidden Games in Cortana