Microsoft announced highly innovative new graphical devices & 3-D software capabilities that will be forthcoming during 2017:

Microsoft wants artists and content creators to want its products. The company unveiled multiple creative-minded products at its keynote today, including a major Windows 10 upgrade called the “Creators Update” and a gorgeous PC called the Surface Studio. It has 80 custom parts in its arm alone! Most of today’s announcements were about advancing into the future, but Microsoft also stayed true to its roots with an update to Paint. We have all the highlights below.

1. Windows 10 Creators Update
2. 3D Paint
3. Windows VR headsets
4. Xbox live streaming
5. Windows People mode (new key contact approach)
6. Surface Studio (touchscreen all-in-one desktop computer – hi-res 28″ touch screen display)
7. Surface Dial (new input device for Surface)
8. Surface Book i7 (high-end version with Intel i7 microprocessor)