Mozilla has announced Project Quantum to support multi-core CPU processing for the future generation of devices

Mozilla is developing a next-generation Web engine, dubbed Project Quantum. For the uninitiated, a Web engine basically runs all the content you receive as you surf the Web. Most browsers today are still built for a single-core world, where CPUs could only process commands in a single stream and do just one thing at a time. But modern phones, tablets, and laptops have more sophisticated processors — with two, four, or even more cores. Mozilla plans to tap into the full processing power of these modern devices.

“Quantum is all about making extensive use of parallelism and fully exploiting modern hardware,” Mozilla Head of Platform Engineering David Bryant wrote in a blog post. “The resulting engine will power a fast and smooth user experience on both mobile and desktop operating systems — creating a ‘quantum leap’ in performance.” If all goes according to plan, Bryant said the performance improvements will be so noticeable that “your entire web experience will feel different.”