This new browser is available only for the Apple Mac OS as a beta version.  Both Windows and Android versions are in development.  This new facility is designed to be as simple as possible with the elimination of tabs

The last time I used a web browser without tabs was well over ten years ago. It was Internet Explorer 6. Things, thankfully, have moved on since then. But it seems that nobody has told Colibri – a new browser that aims to differentiate itself from the pack by excising tabs entirely.

This is a browser for people who like to do one thing a time. It’s currently available as a free beta for MacOS users. According to the developers, Windows, Android, and iOS versions are also in the pipeline, although it doesn’t say when these are expected to land.

It’s hard to get excited about what amounts to Chrome, sans the tab bar. But Colibri has a few tricks up its sleeve. First, it comes with something calledLinks”, which it says are designed to replace tabs. When you know that you’re going to re-visit a webpage, you can save it to be revisited later.

For the sake of fairness, it’s worth noting that Colibri will let you open an additional window if you absolutely must have multiple webpages open simultaneously. But this just feels incredibly inelegant, and kinda undermines its purpose.

COLIBRI — HOME PAGE (available only for Apple currently with Windows & Android versions in development)