As John Maxwell reflects, we should all strive for continuous improvement with a theme of personal improvement each day. Small improvements each day will add up over time and result in positive changes in both character and contributions.

There are several great reasons to pursue growth. It can help us achieve our career goals. Over time, it creates momentum, which encourages more growth. And an emphasis on growing – rather than “arriving” – makes it easier to learn from failure. I encourage people to grow because growth increases hope.

A Growth Mindset Is the Seed of Hope — Growth in the natural world is all about looking forward. A sapling becomes a mighty oak by growing slowly over time. When we have hope, we can imagine a better future. And hope isn’t just wishing for things that might be. It’s the firm belief in things that will be. It’s looking past your present circumstances with the belief that you have a future.

A Growth Habit Strengthens Hope — Choosing to grow is important. But that decision is not enough to create change on its own. Next, we need to acknowledge that growth is a gradual process – that in fact, it happens one day at a time. And then we need to establish the habit of growing on a consistent basis.

Growth Over Time Realizes Hope — When we take small steps of growth every day, over time, we see progress. And then our hope has the most potential to be realized. If you string together enough days of consistent growth, you begin to change as a person. You become better, stronger, more skilled, or all of the above. And when you change yourself, you can change your circumstances. This begins a cycle of growth strengthening hope, leading to more growth, resulting in even more hope.