John Maxwell reflects on the need to think beyond current limitations and common constraints which often create barriers for successful achievement.

To make it up the growth slope, we need to figure out the best route and make steady progress on the way up. That often means removing obstacles that are in our way. And today I want to talk about three huge obstacles that might be found on the path to your potential. Leaving them there will slow or even stop your growth progress. Removing them can free you to run toward your growth goals.

1. Scarcity — How do you view options? Resources? Opportunities? A person with a scarcity mindset believes that those things are limited. That we’re all competing for a finite number of resources or options.

2. Insecurity — Insecurity is a minimizing of one’s self – it’s seeing your abilities, talents, and strengths as deficient in some way. When you believe you’re not good or talented enough, that’s an obstacle to growth. Insecure people may recognize chances to advance and grow, but they don’t believe in their ability to seize those opportunities.

3. Powerlessness — A belief in powerlessness comes out of the assumption that we have no ability to affect our world. Powerlessness often begins with a wound – perhaps from someone in authority ignoring or dismissing your voice – but it hardens over time into a mentality that cannot recognize personal responsibility for anything that happens in life.

The good news is you don’t have to live with negative beliefs. In fact, just by recognizing them within yourself, you are in position to take the first step of growth. And that is to choose to believe differently. This is something you can right now, today. Your beliefs are your choice.

If you struggle with a belief in scarcity, choose instead to practice abundance thinking. If you struggle with insecurity, practice confident thinking. If you struggle with a feeling of powerlessness, embrace responsibility. Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius once wrote, “Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.”  If you confront and change your beliefs, you’ll clear the way on your uphill journey of growth.